Experiment of making liquid soap in the laboratory

Experiment of making liquid soap in the laboratory

Project Base learning is one of active teaching and learning method that was applied in many creative school in the world. This method was used to creat many interesting and dynamic course. Experiment of making liquid soap in ONA laboratory is one of activities applying the PBL method.

The activity was a part of Laboratoy Technique course performing in ONA Lab. In the last 10 hours of the course, the student had a opportunity to practice the skills on a specific object: making liquid soap.

After 2 times failed, the students improved working method and succeeded in making liquid soap product. They also practiced method to use flask, pippete, thermometer, stove, glass stick, blancing, pH indicator in experiment of hydrolysis lipid by base.

The students had also the fist time opportunity to practice of building schedule, group working, work assignment and product inspection.

In the furture, ONA Lab will continuous creat the PBL courses for students, providing the procedure to access to knowledge and skills naturally.

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